Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Ok, time to do a couple of updates on things I've posted in the recent past.

First, moving into my new home. I moved my desk the other day. It is a very large computer desk. I actually pulled the bottom and heaviest part up the stairs by myself. It wasn't too bad, I thought we would have more problems than we did. I got it all set up and started to set up the speakers and other things for my computer. I also moved my bookshelf and put my CD's, and DVD's in it. And lastly, I moved my night stand over. My room is coming together nicely. The guy to do the electricity is coming at the end of this week and the guy to do the carpet in the living room is coming on the 10th, so after all that's done I can move in and live there. Although I am going to wait until we get phone service and cable and move things like the stove in.

Next, I watched the new episode of "Average Joe" tonight. They put Melana, I think that's how you spell her name, in fat makeup and a fat suit, just like they would for a movie, and had her ask the guys questions. Then she watched by camera how the guys reacted to her and Zac finally came through as the jerk he is. To keep it short, she voted Zac and one of the new guys, I think he name was Mike, off. Zac was not too happy about it because he thought he was the greatest. So, to keep track, she has not taken two of the thee pretty boys off the show. So it's down to Adam and the one last pretty boy standing. I am rooting for Adam, he seems like a nicer guy and he has a similar sense of humor that I have.

And lastly, new news, I signed up for college and have been filling out financial aid. I guess it's almost final, I am going back in January. This is a good thing, I hope to get a degree in Information Technology(IT) and get a good job, finally.

Ok, until next time America,

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