Sunday, March 28, 2004

Alias was great this week. Wasn't too dumbed down. I couldn't believe that the blonde chick's Mom killed the Dad. That was a surprise. Then, for the first two seasons they built up Sloan so we hated him a lot. Now they are building it up so we feel bad for him. It was a good episode. The last scene hit a little close to home for me. A slightly different situation but the same feelings. Alias is one of the only shows ever that really brings out emotions in me. I truly feel bad for characters when bad things happen and vise versa. It has the best of many worlds. Every episode is like a mini movie, it is a drama and brings out emotions, it has comedy, it has action and suspense, and a hot leading lady. What could be better?

Another great show, the one I'm watching now, is The Practice. It has some great writing and even though they got rid of a lot last year, it still has some great actors. Only 4 more new shows until it ends. It's too bad ABC had to cut it's budget so much. I guess they are going to do a spin off of some sort. David E. Kelly makes some great shows and if he does the spin off then I'm sure it will be good, and I will definitely watch it.

Ok, one last thing before I go. I would just like to wish Bamboo2 a happy belated 22nd birthday. It was this past Wed.

That's it for now, but please remember,
"Tomorrow is no place to place your better days" -- Dave Matthews