Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Hello, this is my last post of 2003. It's been an interesting year. I hope next year will be better. I won't bore you will a look back so lets just look to the future. I start my new job on Monday and I am in a new house, as close as I'm going to get to starting over for a while.

On a side note. My friend Bamboo2 got laid off yesterday at work. They did it for very stupid reasons and they lost a good worker. I would like to wish her good luck on finding a new and even better job!

Until next year,

Monday, December 29, 2003

One week to go and I go back to work and my three month vacation will be over. I am glad actually, I have been pretty bored when not working on the new house. It will be nice to be back to work and be able to talk to people again. I miss that interaction a lot. The money is going to be nice, that is for sure. Maybe I'll even meet a girl that I like there. That would be really good too.

Without giving too much info out because I don't know how much they want anyone to know, I am going to tell you a little about bamboo2 who found my typo. She is a good friend of mine who I used to work with. When I first met her I thought she was really annoying but once I got to know her I liked her more. She goes out with all of us to Applebees on Friday nights and she has a boyfriend in England. Just thought I'd let you know so you don't sit there wondering who she is.

I don't really want to write about my Christmas because it's over with. But I will fill you in on my Thanksgiving turkey that I never told you about, but promised. As I said before I brined my turkey like Alton brown does on his show Good Eats. It turned out great! The skin was a dark golden brown and very crispy and the inside was perfectly done and very very juicy. For my first time cooking turkey it turned out better than I expected. I will brine turkey again if I get the chance.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it,

Saturday, December 27, 2003

Hello, I can't talk long but I said that I would post once I move in and I am moved in. We have been sleeping here since this past Saturday. I just, although, set up my Mom's computer to check e-mail and look a few things up on Christmas eve, so I had a lot of e-mail to go through. Christmas wasn't too bad, it could have been worse but it could have been better. I wish I had money to get my friends and family stuff for Christmas but I didn't so I felt really bad. I start my new job in just over a week so I will be able to catch up on bills.

I gotta go, I'm really busy lately and I have to sit on the floor to use the computer right now so it's uncomfortable. I hope you all had a great Christmas. Talk to you soon!


PS Thanks to Bamboo2 for finding a spelling error in my last posting.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I finally got a job! I will be working at PowerNet Global through Express personal starting January 5, 2004. Like Shannon at Express said, it's a good way to start the new year! I will be a customer service Rep. PowerNet Global offers Internet, long distance phone service and data services. It should be a fun job in a field closer to my career choice.

At the new house we got our new refrigerator today. I love it. I'm a gadget guy and that includes big gadgets like new refrigerators. It is very nice and has crushed ice, one of those things that I just love. I will be sleeping there either Friday or Saturday. The phone will be hooked up Friday and the cable on Saturday. It's starting to look like a home finally, and my room is feeling more and more comfortable.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Well, they finally caught Saddam Hussein. No matter how you felt about the war here in the US, you have to agree, as I do, that this is a good thing. I was against the war from the beginning, even though I knew Saddam had to go. I was glad to get on the Internet yesterday morning to see that they caught him. Now we wait to see the trial and see what punishment he gets.

The Buffalo Bills lost again yesterday, barely. They are not out of the playoffs for sure. Now we just hope to have the best defense in football.

One more early morning. The electrician should be done tomorrow. He finished my room so I can set up my bed and my computer and all my other stuff. My room is starting to look like a room finally. I can't wait to get out of an apartment, the people upstairs are really really loud. They stomp around like they are squashing grapes or something.

Ok, off to bed.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hello again, it's been a while since I've posted. I hope everyone is fairing will with all the snow we are getting here.

So, Melana picked Jason. I'm not really sure why I'm surprised with that. I guess I was just hoping(for my own sake) that she wouldn't pick the pretty boy just because he's pretty, but that is exactly what she did. It just proves that even women that say looks don't matter are just saying that. Looks do matter. Of course I knew that, but this just proves it to those that said that they don't. Adam was the better guy all around. He had money, he had friends that loved him, he was on his own and secure, and he knew how to treat her right. Jason? Well, lets see, he knew how to kiss and how too look pretty. Now people always tell me not to worry, looks don't really matter to women, they look for other things like sense of humor. Well, I guess there goes my hopes. I guess there is going to be a Average Joe 2 based in Hawaii but I don't think I'm going to watch it, I already know what is going to happen. They showed some previews of it and the girl freaked out, she was pissed that they did this to her. Oh well, such is the vain life. If you want to chat about this, e-mail me at with the subject of "blog."

Now on to other things. The house is almost set for us to move in. The electrician is almost done with all the new lines and service. We have carpet in the living room now. We also moved a lot of the living room furniture. My room, well I moved everything except my mattress and most of my clothes. I guess the cable and phone will be moved next Saturday, that is when we are going to be officially moved in. It will be nice to be done moving, I really hate moving.

Well, I still have no job. I have gone to a few interviews with no call backs as of yet. Red Lobster is also delaying my unemployment so I have no money coming in. I might be losing my car, and with no car I can't get a job very far from home. What a good time for all this. I can't get anyone anything for Christmas this year. I hate it, I feel so bad that I can't get anyone anything. Maybe something good will come out of this. I guess time will only tell.

Ok, I hope to post one more time before I move and then as soon as I get my computer up and running once I move. So have a good week all!


Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Ok, time to do a couple of updates on things I've posted in the recent past.

First, moving into my new home. I moved my desk the other day. It is a very large computer desk. I actually pulled the bottom and heaviest part up the stairs by myself. It wasn't too bad, I thought we would have more problems than we did. I got it all set up and started to set up the speakers and other things for my computer. I also moved my bookshelf and put my CD's, and DVD's in it. And lastly, I moved my night stand over. My room is coming together nicely. The guy to do the electricity is coming at the end of this week and the guy to do the carpet in the living room is coming on the 10th, so after all that's done I can move in and live there. Although I am going to wait until we get phone service and cable and move things like the stove in.

Next, I watched the new episode of "Average Joe" tonight. They put Melana, I think that's how you spell her name, in fat makeup and a fat suit, just like they would for a movie, and had her ask the guys questions. Then she watched by camera how the guys reacted to her and Zac finally came through as the jerk he is. To keep it short, she voted Zac and one of the new guys, I think he name was Mike, off. Zac was not too happy about it because he thought he was the greatest. So, to keep track, she has not taken two of the thee pretty boys off the show. So it's down to Adam and the one last pretty boy standing. I am rooting for Adam, he seems like a nicer guy and he has a similar sense of humor that I have.

And lastly, new news, I signed up for college and have been filling out financial aid. I guess it's almost final, I am going back in January. This is a good thing, I hope to get a degree in Information Technology(IT) and get a good job, finally.

Ok, until next time America,