Saturday, December 13, 2003

Hello again, it's been a while since I've posted. I hope everyone is fairing will with all the snow we are getting here.

So, Melana picked Jason. I'm not really sure why I'm surprised with that. I guess I was just hoping(for my own sake) that she wouldn't pick the pretty boy just because he's pretty, but that is exactly what she did. It just proves that even women that say looks don't matter are just saying that. Looks do matter. Of course I knew that, but this just proves it to those that said that they don't. Adam was the better guy all around. He had money, he had friends that loved him, he was on his own and secure, and he knew how to treat her right. Jason? Well, lets see, he knew how to kiss and how too look pretty. Now people always tell me not to worry, looks don't really matter to women, they look for other things like sense of humor. Well, I guess there goes my hopes. I guess there is going to be a Average Joe 2 based in Hawaii but I don't think I'm going to watch it, I already know what is going to happen. They showed some previews of it and the girl freaked out, she was pissed that they did this to her. Oh well, such is the vain life. If you want to chat about this, e-mail me at with the subject of "blog."

Now on to other things. The house is almost set for us to move in. The electrician is almost done with all the new lines and service. We have carpet in the living room now. We also moved a lot of the living room furniture. My room, well I moved everything except my mattress and most of my clothes. I guess the cable and phone will be moved next Saturday, that is when we are going to be officially moved in. It will be nice to be done moving, I really hate moving.

Well, I still have no job. I have gone to a few interviews with no call backs as of yet. Red Lobster is also delaying my unemployment so I have no money coming in. I might be losing my car, and with no car I can't get a job very far from home. What a good time for all this. I can't get anyone anything for Christmas this year. I hate it, I feel so bad that I can't get anyone anything. Maybe something good will come out of this. I guess time will only tell.

Ok, I hope to post one more time before I move and then as soon as I get my computer up and running once I move. So have a good week all!


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