Saturday, February 28, 2004

WOW! It's been a long time since I last posted. I'm ashamed of myself for that. I've been very busy with work and all. Which, by the way, things are going very well. This past Tuesday our Dept. moved to a new area of the office. We now have a nice big window view and better air flow. We aren't stuck in the corner any more. We also have the new computers, new phones, new everything. We are special ;P I can't really complain about my job, things are going well, now I just hope they officially hire me once my 90 days are up.

Yesterday When I went to my weekly Friday night out I saw two of my good friends that I haven't seen in a long time. The first I haven't seen or talked to for in upwards of over a year. I worked with her at Wal-Mart in the layaway dept. She helped train me and we became good friends. We had a great time working together. Then I moved to the Foods dept and we didn't get to work together much, and then I became CSM and I almost never got to talk to her. Then, the killer, I left Wal-Mart for Red Lobster. Well, she went out with everyone Yesterday so I got to chat with her and it was like it was back at Wal-Mart. We were back to joking around and having fun.

The second I haven't really gotten to talk to since I left Red Lobster in Sept. We had a good chat and plan on getting together Sunday to chat some more. He's a good guy who if you show some respect, he will show you 10 times the respect back.

So I am very happy that I went out yesterday, I miss both of them, and I miss working with them. I am glad we can get together once in a while though.

Ok, one last thing for tonight. I have added two new features to my blog. If you look at the end of every post you will see two new links. The first, Comments, you can click on to make comments or read comments about that post. If you want to make any comments about something I post that others can read then you can do it there. The other is Linkback. If you have a blog yourself or a website and you write a reference to my blog or something that relates to my blog or something I wrote about in my blog you can put it there. Also if you see a webpage that you think is pertinent to something that I wrote about, even if it's not yours, you can put it there also. If you want to know about these then you can go here: I would like to thank Haloscan for these free features which I hope will enhance my blog experience.

Ok, I've blabbed enough.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

So it's been a long time since I last posted. Sorry about that. I have a lot to talk about but I just don't have the time right now. Work keeps me going to bed early and when I get up in the morning I don't think about updating my Blog. I will try my hardest to post more often though.

First off I want to say to all those who are upset about what happened during the half time show at the Super Bowl. GET A LIFE, GET OVER YOURSELF! Number one, the whole outfit wasn't supposed to come off, it was an accident. Number two she had a pasty on her nipple so you couldn't see anything anyways. Number three a couple of years ago Lil' Kim went on TV for an entire awards show with less on than that. Then someone grabbed her. I would think that is worse. CBS cut away as fast as they could when they saw what happened. When I saw it they cut away so fast that I couldn't tell if I saw what I thought I saw. Plus you could tell that Janet was embarrassed she crouched over and covered herself up as quickly as she could. Now stop talking about it, stop trying to sue anyone about it, and move on to something important.

Ed, on of my favorite TV shows is ending soon. I found out last week that there are only two more episodes left. What happened? They moved it to Fridays to cancel it? It doesn't make any sense. I am not happy about this! I bet you, at NBC, $10 to bring Ed back. (if you watched the show you will get that)

On to another of my favorite shows, Alias. I got the season 2 complete season on DVD set the week before last. I just got done watching it this past weekend. It is just the best TV show on, well, TV. It's like a top of the line movie every week. Just as long as they dumb it down anymore than they have then I will never purposely miss an episode. Every week I look forward to Sunday to watch the best night for Drama. First on is 10-8, pretty good. A good way to start the night. Then, of course, Alias. I can't say enough about this show. And finally, The Practice. Although they cut the budget of the show for this season and lost many of the stars of the show, they kept enough of the stars and didn't cut on the writing which makes the show. It is the best 3 hours on TV bar none. hehe get it, bar, hehe like in lawyers.....ahhh nevermind :P

Ok, you've heard enough from me tonight,
"just 'cause things around you seem heavy, doesn't mean you can give up this ground."
--Dave Matthews