Friday, November 21, 2003

Ok, so I haven't really been into reality shows for quite a while now. I, admitting, used to watch Survivor, Who wants to be a Millionaire?, and the Mole. But almost everything since has been boring. One that really did interest me when I saw the commercials was "Average Joe." Why? Because the concept is great. Take this beautiful girl who has been in beauty shows and was a pro cheerleader and give her a group of average guys, not models, to chose from. She said before the show started that looks doesn't matter, and almost all women say the same thing. This show set out to either prove them right or wrong. Now, I consider myself to be not all that great looking so I was intrigued with this premise. This past week she cut the number of guys from six down to three, then the big surprise, which I have to say I was kind of expecting. They brought in three pretty boys. One, from the beginning of the show who welcomed her to the show and then left, and two others. She seemed pretty happy to see these guys come in and hear that they are now part of the show and the three "average joe" guy's competition. Now, this adds a very interesting twist. She has shown that she isn't so shallow that she won't give these "average joe" guys a chance, but is she shallow enough to dump them for the new pretty boys for their looks. She hasn't spent nearly as much time with these new guys and doesn't know them as well as she knows the other three. I am rooting for Adam, he is the most "Average" of the three and I hope that she doesn't fall for the other's good looks only. But, from past experience, looks matter! I think she will go with one of the pretty boys. But we'll see I guess. "Average Joe" is on NBC on Mondays, check your local listings for times. You can also learn more by going to the "Average Joe" website:

Ok, time for bed for me. I'll see you soon!

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