Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl XXXIX

Well, it was a closer Super Bowl than most predicted. I'm glad, a blowout game is boring. The Eagles put up a good fight up until the last five minutes where they just acted like that had the whole time in the world when they had to score two times. Oh well. It was a fun game to watch with some funny commercials. In case you didn't watch the game or hear the score it was 24 - 21 Patriots.

Well, one week of training the newbie to replace me in my old shift and then I get a vacation!!!! It will be nice to have a week off. And guess what I'm doing during my vacation? NOTHING! Well, not really nothing, I am going to get things done that I haven't been able to for the past year. Mainly I will rest though. I really do need this week off.

I'll leave you tonight with the following quote which says all I need to say about needing a vacation

I love mankind,
It's people I hate.


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