Sunday, June 27, 2004


Boy it was a long weekend. I didn't go to the weekly Applebee's on Friday this week. I didn't have any money because of the aforementioned brake change. Plus I had to work on Saturday morning. Then on Saturday a few friends of mine were trying to get together to have a bon fire but one who said he was going to go said, when I called him on Saturday, said that he decided to make other plans. So we went without him. It was fun, and if anyone who was there reads this, yes I did have fun. I'm not going to go into too much detail to save the innocent, or not so innocent, but I think everyone that went with me had fun as well. I hope they did and my being there didn't bring them down. It was a long night last night, that is for sure. I didn't get home until 3:30am.

Then today my sister, brother-in-law, my father, and I went to dinner for fathers day. It was in Warren and I'm not sure of the name of the restaurant. It was very good. I had lasagna per my sisters suggestion and it was a good one. The portions were, to put it lightly, HUGE. I ate about a third of it and I was stuffed. Hey, lunch for work the next two days. I don't know if my Dad reads this or not, but if you do, happy fathers day Dad.

Oh, and earlier I washed my car. I really washed my car. I used the Mr Clean car wash thingy and it works pretty good. It does what it says it does. Well, except on my windows, but that is my fault because I have rain X on them so they bead up no matter what. Then I waxed my car. I bought, what is in my opinion, the best wax you can buy. I did the black trim. I made the tires look like they are wet, even if they are not. And I put more Rain X on the windows. Rain X is the best thing for your windows of your car. If you haven't used it in the past you have to try it. Don't bother with the off brands, go for the real thing. Now my car drives like new and looks like new. IT IS SHINY!! :) And now my Mom is going to drive it to Boston and back. I'm not real happy about that but I am a nice guy so I am letting her drive it. ONLY HER though. I just hope that it comes back the way it will leave.

Well, on to another week of work.
And remember, don't drink and drive.
If you drink, don't drive.
DD's - our modern heroes, saving lives. I should know, I am one :)


UPDATE: I just wanted to let you know that I have added the Rain-X website to my list of links on the right. Also on the main page you can look up your car to see what size wiper blades it takes. Even if you don't use Rain-X items, this can be a helpful tool. Laters.

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