Sunday, June 20, 2004


I got a new grill today. I bought a Weber charcoal grill. I haven't used it yet but it looks pretty good. The store that I bought it from said that assembly would cost $30! I said no way and I put it together myself. It took me a total of 8 min. It was not hard at all and definitely not worth $30.

I also got my car inspected today. I knew my brakes were bad, but I was hoping the car would pass anyway. It did not, I needed new front pads and they had to resurface the rotors, the total for everything including a oil change was $207. That took a very big chunk out of my paycheck.

Went to a steak cook out today with my Mom and her boyfriend. It was stupid. They started the grill just as everyone got there so everyone started putting their steak on (you had to cook your own, which I prefer) when the grill was still way too cool to cook right. Then the steaks were still mostly frozen. How about you thaw the steaks before you try cooking them? So everyone cooked their steaks, which took way too long, they ate the steaks and barely talked and then just left. Nothing else to do or anything. Free steak is good, but kinda pointless. It was cold too, but that was a surprise.

I rented Scary Movie 3 today and it was very funny. The best one yet. The little kid just couldn't keep safe. If you haven't seen it yet, go and rent it.

So when I went up to check my e-mail etc online I turned on my TV Comedy Central and what comes on but none other than The South Park movie, bigger, longer, uncut. Now, what surprised me was that it was still uncut. EVERYTHING was left in. All the swearing and crude language, all the cartoon nudity like the seen with Kenny going up to heaven and the Saddam seen. I have to say that I was very surprised they actually played it on TV without a change. I'm not complaining just surprised, especially after all the threats from the FCC for indecentcy. Yes, I did watch the whole movie, I haven't seen it since I saw it in the theatre.

Ok, that's too much for one post. Catch ya...



boabhan sith said...

I have to agree with you on that one. I watched it and had to check to see if I have on HBO or Showtime. It kinda freaked me out that it was on comedy central. But with all that they are allowing on tv now-a-days it shouldn't have been that big of a surprise, but it was.
I'll check your blog again soon. We libras have to stick together. I was wondering exacty what day it was, not the year...I'm not trying to steal your identity or something weird like that. I'm into atrology and I just find it interesting as to different signs and their personalities. We libra are a rare bread and in my opinion near perfect...but then again, I'm biased! ;)

DAN said...

My birthday is October 5. I put my sign online so you can narrow it, so I guess putting the actual date won't hurt.

boabhan sith said...

I'll do some checking, but I think October 5th makes you a libra I. I just have to check though. Usuall signs have a I, II, III, and a cusp. The I-III is just the degree of effect and the cusp means that you are also affected by another signs sun. LOL...I get all technical, but I don't read futures or anything like that. It's just useless information that I carry around with me. ;)