Monday, May 24, 2004

Alias Season Finale

Well, Season 3 of Alias has come to an end. It sure was an action packed episode. --If you haven't seen it yet and don't want to spoil it then don't read the rest of this post.-- First the commercials make you think that Sidney betrays the CIA, but in fact it was the blonde chick in disguise. Later Vaughn goes to kill the blonde chick and he ends up getting stabbed in the back literally. Then Sidney goes to get her for doing that to Vaughn and her Aunt almost kills her but Sidney out smarts her. Sidney and the blonde chick get into a fight and Sidney almost gets killed but Vaughn saves the day and kills his wife. I was kinda hoping the blonde chick would stick around for another season because you loved to hate her. Plus she was very pretty. But she's dead, or at least they are making us think she is. They have done this before. But when she was getting shot for the 14th and 15th times in the face and chest she tell Sydney to look for something. Sydney goes into some sort of vault, she looks like she might be in an alias disguise and she looks at some black CIA papers that she has to look at with a black light. They show some sort of project that involves her and it was undersigned by her Dad. Somehow he is there and while she is balling he says that she was never supposed to see those papers. And that is how they end season 3. Now I left some stuff out because I am doing this a few hours after the fact and this is just supposed to be a summary, but it was a good show with a "what do they say" ending. It really makes you anxious to see the first show of next season. I really hope the show doesn't just end there. That just wouldn't be good. To all you other Alias fans out there, make sure you go out and buy the season 3 DVD set, out in September and make sure you watch come fall.


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