Saturday, March 03, 2007

Alton Brown

Thanks to my move down here to Cincinnati, I had the opportunity to meet Alton Brown. He was in town at the Cincinnati Home & Garden show. He gave an interesting and funny presentation about food, TV and technology. Afterwards he did a Q & A. I got everyone but two questions on video with my Kodak V550. It turned out pretty good. He did two presentations, one at 1pm and one at 3pm. I ended up staying for both since I did not know the first time that we needed a ticket to get something signed.

This was from the second show.

He is a very good story teller. You could tell, after being at both presentations that he was just pulling different stories up depending on what people would say during Q & A etc.

I'm usually not star struck when I see someone famous, however I did a little with Alton. I've been watching him since the first season of Good Eats, I have all his books, I watch all the episodes of Feasting on Asphalt, I watch Iron Chef America, so I see him a lot and I've learned a lot about cooking from him. So when I got up on stage to have him sign my book and have a picture taken, I felt like a moron. After first only saying my name, barely, and then asking him how he was (dumb), I sat there as he signed the book. I then blurted out, "Your books are great, by the way." Gee, could I have sounded any more like a retard? He instantly stopped signing the book, looked at me and genuinely said, "Thank you very much!" At least he was nice about it. I'm sure there are plenty of people that do that. There was a huge crowd there for both shows.

Look at the goof with Alton Brown!

Surprisingly the picture above turned out pretty good. I usually hate all pictures of me but this one isn't too bad.

Anyway, it's nice, when you finally meet someone famous, that they are just like you were hoping they were. Alton is exactly the same in real life as he is on all his shows.

There were some news that he gave out at todays presentation as well. First, the next season of Good Eats goes into production this Tuesday. Yea! The second was that in the spring, he will be going back out on motorcycles to do another season of Feasting on Asphalt. Woo hoo! The third was that, starting in July, Good Eats will be on the Food Network twice as much as it is now. And finally, maybe the biggest news, Alton challenged Emeril to an Iron chef match!!! Now, I would love to see that!!!! Yes I did get that on video and I will try to post it soon. Its a good shot too, since he was talking to the guy right behind me so he is looking right into my camera.

Well that was my full day. You can view more pics from the day on my MySpace page.


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