Friday, September 08, 2006

Ralph "Bucky" Phillips Caught

They finally caught Bucky!

I live in Jamestown, New York. Most of the man hunt for Ralph "Bucky" Phillips has taken place in the county that I live in, Chautauqua. It's been a long several months as New York State Police, Pensilvania State Police, Sherriffs departments from 3 countys in each state, and federal departments like the FBI and Federal Marshalls were on the largest manhunt in New York history.

He stole two cars early this morning around 2am which is where his mistake started. He was followed to a town about 10 miles southeast of Jamestown called Akeley. A K-9 until was on his trail when he turned towards them and waved a gun so the officer shot at him but he got away unharmed. SWAT set up a parimitar in a triangle formation and just squeezed down on him until the pimple popped with hellicoptors overhead and several cops with high powered weapons bearing down on him he gave up.

"At 8 o'clock tonight, (Bucky) Phillips, as I told you before, could run but he could not hide," New York State Police Superintendent Wayne Bennett said at a news conference where he was flanked by officers from numerous law enforcement agencies.

Much of todays searching was done on and near the Cable Hollow Golf Course in Russell, PA. I used to work with the son of the owner at Red Lobster and made a website for the golf course which they ended up not using. Brings things really close to home.

Phillips was placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list Thursday. Over the last week or so it was all over the national new, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, AP, etc.

He will now face charges of unlawful flight in Buffalo, NY, also attempted murder down state for shotting a state police officer. I'm sure he will also face more charges of attempted murder of a state police officer here in Chautauqua as well as agrivated murder for the shotting of Trooper Joseph Longobardo, 32. According to Chautauqua County Sherriff Joseph Gerace, if convicted of the last charge of agrivated murder Phillips will face life in jail without parol. I hope that is what happens.

The map shown is of where Phillips was found and arrested.

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