Wednesday, October 26, 2005


So I was playing around with my new found DSL service the other day, watching streaming videos, going to websites that I just didn't have the patience for when I was using dial up, and doing Google searches. I decided to Google "ViperWD", put the results to 100 per page and hit search. The first few links didn't really surprise me, links to my various pages and to my old domain, One did stick out though. It had a clip from one of my posts from a year ago about Deet. My interest was peeked, so I clicked on the link. It is a page about mosquito control and what to use. I scrolled down a little and there is a list of links to resources for more information and what do I see? A link to my post about Deet listed as a resource for more information. Now I do try to make my posts informative if possible and give as much information as I can but I never thought anything that I put here would be used for a resource. This was very cool.

The website is Cdc Deet. The address is:
If you go there, scroll down the page a little and under "Additional Cdc Deet Resources" you will see the link to my posting. Hopefully my next posting of this nature will also be considered a useful resource.


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