Monday, May 09, 2005

Stand Up Release

Hello again,

It's been a little while since I have made a personal post but I do see that my blog has been getting decent traffic which is good. I'm glad there are people out there interested in what I have to say.

Today I got my copy of Dave Matthews Band's "Stand Up." Yes I got mine a day before it is realease. Oh happy day for me when I am checking the UPS tracking page for my package when I see that it is in Transit to be delivered. When I checked it on Saturday it said it was on time but for a May 11 delivery date which is the day AFTER it is to be released. I was not too impressed with that. But thanks to the speedy delevery of UPS I got it today! (A note of full disclosure: My brother works for UPS. But that never affects my views on this blog.) I think I will be posting a full review soon but I will just quickly go over it right now.

First I'd like to say that, just as the band has been warning us about, this is a new Dave Matthews Band. Most of the album is very far from what they have done in the past. Songs like "Hunger For the Great Light" with Steffan playing electric guitar just don't sound like them, completely. What I mean by that is it is in a different style then what most people think about when they hear the name Dave Matthews Band. They think of songs like "Crash Into Me," "Ants Marching," and "Wbat Would You Say." This is what I like so much about the band is that they are always evolving. Each album has a different sound that is distinctly DMB and this one is no different. Even though it is a different style you still know it's them. The first time I heard "American Baby" I knew the after the first few seconds that it was the new DMB song. I think if the traditional DMB fans have a open mind and take the time to really listen to the album and watch the DVD side to see the process the band went through to make this album and think you will like it. Like Dave said at the end of the video, "This is a good album."


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