Sunday, October 24, 2004

How 'Bout Them Yankees!

Ok, so this post was supposed to be on Thursday. I tried to do it on my break. I typed it all out and when I went to post it a server went down for a few seconds. I don't know if it was a server at work or one with Blogger but the post didn't take and I didn't have time to re-type everything out. Well, here is as close as I can get to what I posted the other day.

The Boston Red Sox beat the New York Yankees 10 - 3 on Wed. night. It was a good series. Both teams played to the top of their game. In the end the Red Sox came back from a 3 - 0 series lead for a MLB record. It was such a great thing. Finally the good guys win. Now it is the Red Sox versus the Cardinals. I was happy when the Cardinals got in as well. I didn't want the Astros to win because of my severe hatred to Roger Clemens. I hope the Red Sox win though to end the little curse they have been under for so long.

The Buffalo Bills lost yet again today. They played a better team first off, but at the same time they made too many mistakes. Its not due to coaching, they have been making good choices. It's not all on Drew Bledsoe, he's doing as much as he can. It's just too many, mostly stupid, mistakes. Let's hope next week will be better.

That's all for now, I start working 10 hour days this week. I could really use the overtime hours.


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