Thursday, September 16, 2004

Can I get a WHAT! WHAT!

So it's been a while since my last post. In fact it's been over a month. Why you ask? Well, I have been pretty busy. First off, I have been playing with my new TiVo. Second, the Olympics were pretty cool to watch, especially with TiVo. I watched the most Olympics this year than any other year. Third, it's been nice out so I have been trying to spend time outside.

I'll go into everything with more detail in the coming days. Today I would like to point out something I just found myself recently.

How many of you out there use Microsoft Internet Explorer? I'm willing to bet most of you, if not all of you. Well there is a "new" that, in my opinion, is way better than IE and more secure. It's called FireFox. It was created by Mozilla The are responsible for three browsers now. The Mozilla browser, of course. FireFox. And Netscape Navigator. The last of which I'm sure you've all heard of. Well all three are based on the same engine, Gecko, but all three are different. Netscape Navigator was my favorite until recently. Mozilla is a slightly cut down version of Netscape without all the hoopla. But FireFox takes the best of Netscape Navigator, mixes it with better speed than IE and adds extras that you can chose to add or not. You can customize everything. You have to check it out if you want something better, safer, and faster than Microsoft Internet Explorer! Click on the button below and download FireFox and try it out. It's a small download, under 5MB, and worth a try!
Get Firefox!

That's all for me today, I'll try to be back tomorrow.

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